Blended e-Learning ICT Education Development Tools

Rapid changes in ICT computing infrastructure, the interent spurred by multimedia computing and communication and development will do more than extend the educational system. Trying to make available easy educational tools for student over the internet and computer makes it interesting and fun for the children to learn in.    

The weekend is Over …….

Its Monday and i am starting to miss, What ! the weekend. Together with Caro we made a score somehow, She is one of the few ladies at home who has a passion for Computers like me. I wondered how she got interested in it. She just told me lets go for a walk and…

ICT and Development!

Welcome to Its’ the first time for blogging could i be one of the bloggers. Interest is in rural development especially with the usage of ICT. ICT is growing very fast and all need to know that its the best communication technique ever felt in the world.