ICT and Development!

Welcome to WordPress.com. Its’ the first time for blogging could i be one of the bloggers. Interest is in rural development especially with the usage of ICT. ICT is growing very fast and all need to know that its the best communication technique ever felt in the world.


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  1. vincent says:

    I hope to get also coments from you and be able to use them for improving mine. I only have one problem with your blog that is it is very serious. Try an informal approach and make it more like fun. The articles that i have done and they are informal are the ones that attract peoples attetion but also pass the message accross. Also your personnal life matters kidogo even though at times you are afraid to letting people know about your life it elicits more responses.Hope to hear you soon

  2. Kalimungabo says:

    interesting approach to blogging, I should try it out as well.

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