Feeling tired?

….. Love for whatever you do

Felling tired at work can be so dangerous, though when it is something you love doing one finds him/herself doing it again and again. Whoop! i must say Mondays are always the most tiresome ones;- this monday i got to wake and rush to check on the workshop.

This time round its a “KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CAPACITY FOR AFRICAN RESEARCH INSTITUTES AND NETWORKS: EAST AFRICAN WORKSHOP” at Speke Resort Munyonyo that awakens me early. Its call to attend to my duties. I love it when you have to rush to a place and try making ends meet for a smooth running of events. Where you feel everyone is comfortable. In the workshop i meet this new faces and old faces that i have always had by my side. What do you think happens, we are taken through the intros and topics for the day.

The questions for the day’s:-

  • How is knowledge Management (KM) and why has it become an important factor in development?
  • What does KM mean for Policy research Institutes and networks and what are some of the most common challenges?
  • How do these views on KM resonate with your own experience and your instrest in this workshop?
    • Case study:-
      • Ethiopia Development Research Institute
      • Economic and social research Foundation, Tanzania (TBC)
  • Staff Competence
  • Networks and CoPs
  • Network Problem – solving: Peer Assists
    • Case Study:-
      • Banana Research Network for East and South Africa
      • Network of Uganda Researchers and Research Users
      • East and Central Africa BEan Research Netwrok (TBC)
      • Community Developemnt research NEtwork (TBC)

Probably, the after workshop might have been interesting, oh no; all the people in the workshop wondered about their discussion of how they face challenges of implementing and having KM in their various organisation. There are va\ery many challenges they face of which if they are catered for then sure all can be okay.

Challenges faced in exploring the possiblity of having KM in organisation; There are divided into different sectors, thus:-

  • The Small Sector
  • The medium Sector
  • The bigger Sector

The key challenges were presented as below:-

  1. Attracting and Retaining right quality staff.
  2. Attracting backstoping/mentors/ support from bigger organisations
  3. Creation of enough time and space for the staff
  4. Culture/trend of the structure for the organisation.
  5. Limited Infrastracture thus;
    • Internet
    • Networking
  6. Financial/Budgetry Constraints
  7. Most small organisation do not think of knowledge Management

Today’s ventures were by; Erick Johnson and Ron Kim from World Bank Institute (W.B.I)


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