FACEBOOK.COM, relationships:

Facebook.com represents a fraction of social media.

Of recent, facebook.com is accredited for being a great attribute to either positive or negative development of relationships, be it couples, families or friends. An individual status update spreads like wildfire and receives a lot of commentaries from their particular public/audience committed to the pages almost immediately.

Widely known to be a major developer or slayer of healthy relationships; many couples have met through social media, which can be a great way to meet friends. There can be a downside, though, since chatting with friends on social media can pose risks to marriages and other relationships.

What’s interesting is social media is changing the foundation of the ways people relate. The four major effects of facebook.com are;


: Allows You to Connect with More People


: Makes it Easy to Overestimate Levels of Intimacy


: You’re More Susceptible to the Social Media Contagion Effect


: Comparing Yourself with Others

Communicating issues through facebook or twitter status updates is a common trend amongst the public – young and old alike. Emotions fly out without a thought and by the time your anger or joy subsides you realize whatever you had posted on your wall or status wasn’t user-friendly most especially to the concerned parties. The updates have become a way to vent out your anger or joy. As much as it’s a leeway to let out without physical confrontation, it has brought about a silence/cold kind of war, intense hatred without measures.

Our learned friend Toby Daniels, Founder, Social Media knew that facebook.com was a powerful tool of communication; faster, communal and receives an almost immediate feedback and connects widely – facebook.com would make or break relationships. Relationships are hard to understand, complicated or are just difficult and ‘un-doable’ culminating to the fact that a little something will take it to either


of “amendmentation” or “breakmentation”.

Simply analyze the fact that recently the number of break-up due to facebook.com is very high. They are hard-pressed by one receiving an almost friends push-via-comments on your status. “Friends” silently push you to think of their comments analyze and make resilient conclusions.

Look an example of a simple “time out” request before discussing their problems in a relationship, now actually lead to break-ups depending on public comments on your home page. Or even a blossoming friendship can be broken by a simple comment made by the other which receives very many likes or encouragement to the negative. Your friends’ comments can give a plus or minus as it’s is well-known birds of the same feathers normally flock together. -However much I disagree with this, peoples minds are normally set to this believes-.

Indeed, time is a healer and it’s with it that even the innermost wounds are healed. Therefore, it’s important to always watch what we post/comment on our walls/timelines. No wonder, Toby Daniels, Founder, Social Media Week quoted that you “Be purposeful in what you do. Think about the why of every action you take, every piece of communication you share and every interaction or new relationship you forge.”

  • How to Benefit from Social Media

Depending on your need for using facebook.com and given that it has pros and cons, what strategies can you use to make sure you profit immensely from your social media relationships instead of being dragged down?

You may be having more and more solutions, but the little that has worked for me is;

  • Limiting the time you spend on facebook.com, however digital you are it’s better to only find it when you really need it. Always ensure that if its business you have return on your time spent in it.
  • Monitoring your own emotions and reactions. If you find yourself getting really aggravated, angry or distressed, and you don’t know why, back away from the computer. Go for a walk, or connect with someone in your offline life. This can help give you a perspective on your emotions and reactions.
  • Take care not to compare yourself too often to others. As the saying goes, ‘There will always be people greater than you, and people lesser than you.’ It’s all too easy to get caught up in vicarious experiencing other people’s lives at the expense of experiencing your own.
  • Set goals or guidelines for your business relationships. Have a clear strategy or plan for why you’re cultivating various people in your networks. Remember that more can be good, but too much rarely is.
  • Maintain a balance between your online and offline life. We need to connect with people face to face, not just by email, phone, or social sites. Cultivate a real-life network of contacts as well.

One main facet of social media is its emphasis on creating and maintaining relationships. All the content you create, all the following you build, each of these is designed to create and foster more intimate relationships with people.


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