Collaborative tools, …..

Yes, this tools are most important in all that we do. But what we should not forget most is that we have the communication links that are more efficient nowadays.

I have just been chatting with Dejan who has this blog its very interesting and you should check it out.

We live to live our dreams and so if technology and ICT is our dream then we should live it to the maximum. That’s what i have got from him.


The weekend is Over …….

Its Monday and i am starting to miss, What ! the weekend. Together with Caro we made a score somehow, She is one of the few ladies at home who has a passion for Computers like me. I wondered how she got interested in it. She just told me lets go for a walk and you will know how i got interested in this.

Information has became part of everything we do and we really need it so badly in life. We discussed alot, on comparing what Kenya has in store for its people, i found out that ICT is now also getting to the roots of the Kenyan people. The Kenyan Society has to explore and find the openings they have towards developing.”If you want to be a good hunter be a hunter yourself.”