My Monitor

Once you get involve with ICT sector you will discover how interesting it is, this is due to the many discoveries you will always discover as you go on with life. Adventure into ICT tools and you will know why adventure is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

Its funny to how i got used to this thing they call Internet and ICT which is always reffered to as the best way for human beings to communicate. Of course animals like cows and goats cannot be invoved in these communication disease. We need to put into consideration on what is important for us to communicate before we air it out.

I have been thinking just recently i learnt this new way of communicating, through blogging. Allison of Bellanet International took us through a session at AITEC offices in Kampala. Its something that is interesting and adventurous. I hope as i am getting into it everyone else will look and appreciate the beauty of ICT.

Keep intact for all we need is new innovation for easy communication to be able to share Knowledge and know how to manage the information we receive.

“Chaos and am glad that i am into it!”


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  1. Kerubo says:

    I am back … again … 6 years, Wow.

    How could i leave my page so lonely yet i could have had a collection of poetry, stories, News and not to forget photos of the most interesting things in life. As this is part of my life so am i placing my self here … a heart that will pour itself out. just maybe …

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